IT Metamorphosis Paths

By: IT metamorphosis Team

We offer IT career paths for: 

SAP users  

perform day-to-day operational tasks in one or more SAP modules in a company that has an SAP solution. They are responsible for administrative tasks related to SAP systems, such as data entry, document management, and report generation. 

For this career path we offer academies with user-specific information. The academies are per SAP module. 

Users can specialize further:  

  • in their respective SAP modules or areas of expertise - by gaining deeper knowledge and experience, they can become subject matter experts and provide valuable insights to their organizations. 
  • into management roles, such as team leads or supervisors. These positions involve overseeing a team of Key Users and coordinating their activities within the organization. 
  • into consulting - some Key Users choose to become SAP consultants (s. below). 

SAP Functional Consultants 

specialize in specific SAP modules such as Finance (FI), Sales and Distribution (SD), Materials Management (MM). They work closely with clients to understand their business processes and configure SAP systems to meet their requirements. Qualities needed for functional consultants include: 

  • Business knowledge: Good business knowledge in the respective module, 
  • Cross-module knowledge: Understanding how SAP modules are integrated and interact, 
  • Communication skills: Ability to explain technical information to non-technical people. They also translate and clarify business requirements to technical consultants. 

For this career path we offer academies per SAP module that are user-specific (training module B) and consultant-specific (training module C). Their goal is to get hands-on experience by performing tasks in an SAP training system. 

SAP Technical Consultant  

focus on the technical aspects of SAP systems, such as ABAP programming, system integration, and customization. They develop and maintain SAP applications, interfaces, and reports. Qualities needed for technical consultants include:   

  • Functional knowledge: Basic understanding of functional aspects to effectively develop technical solutions, 
  • ABAP programming: Proficiency in the programming language of SAP – ABAP, 
  • Analytical skills: Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. 

For this career path we offer academies with modules to: 

  • Write your first program and try it out (module A1), 
  • Learn basics of programming with ABAP (module A2), 
  • Get the basics of database programming with OpenSQL, belonging to the ABAP language (module A3) 
  • Learn essentials of ABAP programming (module B1) 
  • Acquire knowledge in object-oriented programming with ABAP (Module B2) 

After completing a career path, you can apply and start working for a company. 

At PPS, we are eager to grow our team and offer positions to the best performers if any spots are available. 

Dare to start Your IT metamorphosis! 

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